Machine tools help the auto parts industry take off

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The development of the auto parts industry is at a peak

China is currently the world's third-largest auto producer and the second-largest auto consumer. It is estimated that in 2010, China's automobile ownership will reach 62 million. In 2020, China's domestic automobile demand is expected to exceed 20 million, thus surpassing the United States to become the world's largest automobile consumer market. The auto parts industry is an important part of the auto industry. With the rapid development of China's auto industry, the auto parts industry has also achieved sustained and rapid growth. It is estimated that in 2010, the total output value of China's auto parts industry will reach 1.3 trillion yuan. At present, China's auto parts industry accounts for 35% to 36% of the auto industry, and China's auto parts industry has a lot of room for improvement. The “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period is the peak period for the rapid development of parts and components.

The development of the automobile and machine tool industry complement each other

The auto parts industry is the main user of CNC machine tools. In recent years, the rapid development of domestic economical CNC machine tools has provided a basis for the development of China's auto parts industry. 70% of the world's top 100 auto parts manufacturers have come to China; more than 5,000 auto parts manufacturers in the country.

The industrialization of CNC machine tools has provided a guarantee for the development of China's auto parts industry. The industrialization of high-end CNC machine tools in the future will also promote the development of China's automobile industry by providing high-quality production equipment for domestic automobile manufacturers. At the same time, automotive components and TFTs have become star industries, driving upstream equipment to rise. The machine tool industry and the automotive industry complement each other and promote mutual development.

Dongbo integrated industry chain invites professional buyers

The era of group integration of the machine tool industry is gradually approaching. Dongbo integrates the machine tool industry chain and strives to promote high-quality machine tools for the automotive industry. The 10th Dongbo Shanghai International Machine Tool Show (EASTPO 2008) held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on July 9-12, 2008, to promote the professional platform of CNC machine tools, the world famous Spinner and Dema Kyrgyzstan, Mazak, Mitsubishi, Citizen, Haas, Harding, Hammer, Tiantian International, Fadao, Doosan-Dayu, MAG, etc. and domestic "big names" Shanghai Electric Group, Shenyang Machine Tool, Dalian Machine Tool, Hangzhou Machine Tool, etc. 2000 Many well-known enterprises with thousands of high-end exhibits shine on the EASTPO2008 stage.

While inviting machine tool companies to actively participate in the exhibition, Dongbo has been invited by professional visitors, and auto parts manufacturers and even vehicle manufacturers are invited. Dongbo actively contacted the regional automobile industry associations and invited them to organize their member units to participate in the East Expo. One-stop and comparative procurement on this international platform will truly realize the seamlessness between exhibitors and professional buyers. connection".

Dongbo uses a database of more than 200,000 professional visitors and overseas visitors accumulated over the past 10 years to provide a wide range of professional visitors at home and abroad to create opportunities for exhibitors. Exhibitors will also seize the opportunity to focus on establishing new sales channels with professional visitors, focusing on long-term cooperation, and contributing to the development of China's automobile manufacturing industry by manufacturing or using the most advanced machine tools.

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