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The pressure on the upstream and downstream bargaining costs of large enterprises is rising, and the situation of small and medium-sized suppliers is worrying

An expert in the Automotive Industry Planning and Design Institute of China Automotive Technology and Research Center, which has undertaken the research and development project of the National Development and Reform Commission, believes that the survival of automobile parts and component suppliers that are technically uncharacteristic and the internal operating costs of the enterprise are difficult to lean are worrying.

The price increase of iron ore is undoubtedly a nightmare for auto parts companies with various types of steel as the main raw materials. Guangzhou Steel JFE, which produces medium and high-grade car body steel plates, has an annual production capacity of 320,000 tons. If it is necessary to cope with cost changes alone, it will bear at least 336 million yuan of cost pressure in the third quarter of this year. But for this steel plate factory with the right to speak, it can smoothly pass this risk to the downstream automakers. Even so, the first quarter profit has not been achieved. Faced with the same pressure, more parts factories are in dire straits.

At the same time, Moody's Ratings released a new report last week that Asian auto parts manufacturers are facing the pressure of pressure and the slowdown in overseas market development, and will set the outlook for auto parts manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region in the next 12 to 18 months. Negative. Who will China's parts and components ecological group stand up in this sudden cost storm baptism, who will fall?

Finished steel plate rose 20% in the second quarter

"In the first quarter, we are squatting down the pressure of raw materials. From the second quarter onwards, the whole vehicle manufacturer will bear 1400 yuan per ton of finished steel products, an increase of about 20%. It will rise in the third quarter." Chen Guijiang, executive director and executive general manager of Guangzhou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Said to reporters.

Baosteel and Guangzhou Iron and Steel JFE are the main enterprises in China to produce medium and high-grade car body steel plates. Other medium and high-grade car steel plates can only rely on imports, and they have the superiority of “the emperor and the woman do not marry”. As a joint venture between Guangzhou Steel and JFE, the second largest steel company in Japan, after the international iron ore benchmark price rose by 65% ​​in February this year, Guangzhou Steel JFE and its customers negotiated several rounds and finalized the second quarter. The car factory is mainly responsible for the increase caused by the rising prices of raw materials. Baosteel also reached a cost shift for the same increase in downstream automakers. Chen Guijiang said that in the third quarter, the international steel base price will increase by 100 US dollars per ton, and then the price increase will be inevitable.

Chen revealed that because such steel plates are high-tech high-end products, and domestic prices are superior to imported steel plates, they can master the dominant position. “Only the overall floating cost caused by the rising cost of steel products, the OEMs bear about 93% of them.” In addition to the transfer, the Guangzhou JFE also bears the pressure of other cost increases such as production consumables. This quarter's profitability indicators have not been reached. “The first quarter earnings forecast will not be realized until the second quarter.”

Tianrun Crankshaft Co., Ltd., which is also a major steel material supplier, is the largest professional crankshaft enterprise in China. Its leading product market share is 60%, and it is also ready to cope with the 15%-20% increase. Zhang Yang, deputy general manager, said that the steel mill is a strong seller in the industrial chain, causing great pressure on downstream parts factories. But obviously, they can't transfer almost all the rising cost of raw materials like the JFE.

One of Moody's report authors, Moody's vice president and senior analyst Park Gen-woo said: "South Korean auto parts manufacturer Hyundai Mobis and Indonesian GajahTunggal, China Jiatong tires can pass the rise of rubber and steel to customers."

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